Member Spotlight: Spencer C.

By APPA Community posted 2019-03-29 04:15 PM

Spencer C.Although quiet at the office, Spencer’s hardwork speaks to the kind of person that he really is. Within just a few years, Spencer has worked as a Deputy Probation Officer and as the Deputy Probation Supervisor. Once he became a Probation Officer, he was diligent in completing all of the required training to advance in his career track to become a Senior Probation Officer. Spencer has plenty of experience with all kinds of cases from simple infractions to very complicated felonies involving restitution. He demonstrates responsibility by meeting deadlines, getting to know each of his youth individually, and by arriving to court prepared. Furthermore, Spencer has gotten involved with several different committees throughout the years such as New Policy Committee and the Safety Training Committee, where he discusses the implementation of new policies and trains the staff within his district how to maintain a safe work environment. Spencer goes out of his way to maintain a positive relationship with community partners by playing basketball with the district attorneys or participating in staffing with the Sex Offender Task Force. He is usually one of the first to volunteer to train new staff. He deeply cares about the well-being of his team.