Member Spotlight: Leonor S.

By APPA Community posted 2019-07-01 01:38 PM

Leonor-S.pngA community member highlighted this contest for me and shared that, “Leonor is a positive source of energy and a resource who understands our young people’s needs and to effectively align resources. She understands family dynamics and community and has always been willing to fill in wherever needed to achieve our team’s desired results.” In reflection, I feel Leonor has gone above and beyond for our youth and families, having brought a community perspective to the work we do collectively and specifically through our Credible Messenger Mentorship program as a Juvenile Justice Navigator though her years of community based work and social work approach.

She has a been an internal “Credible Messenger”, her values, principals and engagement have been a huge help and resource for King County Superior Court to transform processes internally. I feel by sharing stories of outstanding partners like her, it shines a spotlight on the impacts of having staff who have a community focused, social justice perspective. Leonor understands the need and impacts of implementing transformational programs and processes on our youth and families. In response, she has been promoted to a Probation Counselor, and is seen as a positive investment for our communities we serve.