Member Spotlight: Tim H.

Tim HIn July 2019, Tim was elected to serve as the president of the Board of Directors of the American Probation and Parole Association (APPA). He was sworn into office in August 2019 and his volunteer service to the association, in that capacity, will extend through August 2021. During his highly anticipated term of office, Tim will lead the Board and the Executive Committee in carrying out its governance functions and he will partner with the Executive Director to help ensure the Board’s directives, policies, and resolutions are carried out, as well as advocate for APPA’s mission.

In addition to APPA, he is a member of several associations including the National Association of Probation Executives, the Arizona Chief Probation Officers Association (a past president), and the American Correctional Association.

As a community corrections professional, Tim is the director of the Yuma County Juvenile Justice Center (Center).  He is responsible for administrating ten divisions, including a charter high school.  He oversees a $10 million annual budget for the Center which employs 137 employees, and has numerous volunteers. He is also responsible for a 68-bed juvenile detention facility. The mission of the juvenile justice center is To Protect children and families, promote justice and accountability and provide rehabilitation for a safer community. For 22 years, Tim has been instrumental in leading efforts to ensure that mission is carried out.

As director, Tim oversees the Hope Assessment Center.  The Center’s objective is to reduce recidivism and increase the use of non-secure alternatives to detention for children.  Services offered through the Center include crisis intervention, behavioral/mental health assessments and services, referrals to community services, parent involvement, and other services.

Tim also promotes educational advancement as the superintendent for Aztec High School which is located on the juvenile court grounds. The mission of the school is to teach students the importance of personal responsibility, accountability, and good citizenship while providing the opportunity to achieve excellence in a collaborative academic environment.

During his employment with the Center, Tim has served on several committees, including the Statewide Risk Need Committee, Detention Standards Committee, the Detention Curriculum Sub-Committee and several statewide budget committees. He is a member of the Committee on Judicial Education and is past chairman of the Committee of Probation Education and the Committee on Probation.

He is currently the chairman of the Yuma Chapter of Kids at Hope which started in May 2014, and is its first and only chapter. The nonprofit organization was founded to better understand the research, principles, and practices that support the success of all children. Training for Kids at Hope has been delivered to over 6,000 adults and currently 27 schools have incorporated its philosophy.  The goal is to make Yuma a “Kids at Hope” community.

Tim can take a vision and carry it out, in spite of any challenges. In 2017, law enforcement agencies across the nation were participating in lip sync challenges where the department and staff created a video to various songs.  When Yuma County Juvenile Court was invited by Coconino County Probation to create a lip sync challenge video, they created a video using the song, Lean on Me, by Big Mountain. After the video was created, Tim reached out to the band and after some discussion, was able to get them to agree to hold a concert in Yuma to benefit Kids at Hope.  Although planned in a very short period of time, the concert was a success. It not only provided a great forum for safe, fun, and family friendly entertainment for the community, it helped to raise funds for an important cause. The benefit concert will now become an annual fundraiser for the chapter. 

Tim has a record of exemplary service in public safety which spans more than 25 years.  He is a dedicated professional who is passionate about the work he does. He maintains a positive outlook and is a natural collaborator.  Tim works across various sectors (government, community, private, non-profit) to achieve his goals and to improve the conditions and safety of the community. Earlier this year, Tim received a Gabe Zimmerman Public Service Award – an Arizona competition created to recognize the role of non-elected public servants as the critical link between citizens and the people elected to represent them. He was the recipient of the Community Builder Award (Small City/Town).

A salute to Mr. Tim D. Hardy for his dedication to the Yuma County Juvenile Justice Center as well as his support for Kids at Hope, APPA, and other community building efforts.