Member Spotlight: Michael C.


Michael CMichael C. has devoted his professional career to the field of adult probation, and his work has made Maricopa County, AZ, safer. Michael began as a Probation Officer in Maricopa County in 1999.  In the next two decades, his hard work led to recognition and promotion until he arrived at his current position of Chief Adult Probation Officer. The Maricopa County Adult Probation Office employs about 1,200 workers spread across one of the largest counties in the country both geographically and by population.

In his 20-year career, Michael has led numerous initiatives to improve the services to the Superior Court Bench, increase the training and safety of the officers, and implement evidence-based practices in the supervision of probationers.  His work has garnered national recognition from the American Association of Probation and Parole (APPA), the National Institute for Corrections (NIC), and the National Association of Counties (NACo).

Michael holds a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from NAU, as well as Bachelor of Arts Degrees from ASU in Political Science and Psychology.  In 2010, he earned a Master of Divinity in Leadership from the Phoenix Seminary.

Michael has a national reputation for innovative work. He is committed to utilizing evidence-based practices to improve outcomes for individual offenders and protect public safety, Michael’s positive demeanor and collaborative approach together with his extensive knowledge and experience in probation have made him an essential leader in the world of probation and parole.