Member Spotlight: Holly D.

By APPA Community posted 2020-05-01 03:11 PM


Holly joined the Orange County Corrections Department in Florida just six months ago to serve as Community Corrections and Inmate Program Assistant Manager. Prior to her new position, Holly was a leader within the Arizona Department of Corrections for almost 13 years.

“I really enjoy what I’m doing,” said Holly. “I’ve transitioned from adult felony offenders to working with misdemeanor offenders in shorter terms. The work is similar, but much faster paced. Plus, the agency is engaged in new and innovative changes that are really exciting.”

Holly, who began her career as a probation and parole officer in Florida, also enjoys helping others learn and grow. She gave time to be a mentor for dozens of fellow officers while in Arizona and hopes to continue that in her new surroundings in Florida. “That ability to teach others the finer points of this business and help them become our future leaders in the industry really makes me proud.”

Her responsibilities at Orange County are many, but Holly’s got a great foundation around her for success. She currently oversees all inmate programs managed and delivered within Orange County Jail. That includes vocational educational programs, mental health management, substance abuse delivery programs, life skills, reentry and more. She also supervises misdemeanor probation, pretrial release supervision and pretrial diversion cases.

Elsewhere, Holly collaborates with community resources that will link releasing inmates and supervised clients to transportation, housing, treatment, work opportunities, etc. This allows Orange County to better facilitate efficient and considerate reentry.

In her free time, Holly stays fit by jogging and cycling. She also hopes to expand her instruction and teaching down the road to include topics such as motivational interviewing, performance management and more. We’re proud to have Holly as an APPA member, and we wish her all the best in Florida!

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2020-06-18 04:00 PM

Way to go Holly!