The Probation Poster Child

When:  Apr 22, 2019 from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM (ET)
We all dream of making that lifelong difference in someone, and we can do so by believing in that person. To achieve this, criminal justice practitioners and their clients must learn to collaborate in a partnership that cultivates positive change, hope, and resilience. For our part, we, as the professionals, must change how we interact, treating clients with dignity and respect and truly investing in their future. This can all be achieved while still having clear boundaries and rules. A probation partnership is possible! This workshop gives attendees the opportunity for a dialogue with a former inmate of the Texas Department of Corrections who later successfully completed probation in Arizona. He is now employed by the Arizona Department of Corrections and serves as a teacher and mentor for fellow inmates who are being released back into the community and embarking on their own journey of recovery and change. Join us as we discover what worked for him in supervision, how one officer who believed in a person on supervision made a difference to him and affected many others along the way, and, after all of this, why someone would choose to become a beacon of light for others, much like his probation officer was for him.


Justin Benjamin PPSII, AZ Department of Corrections

Stephanie Gerst Probation Officer II, Coconino County Adult Probation

Summer Glenn Probation Officer II, Coconino County Adult Probation