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Collaborating with Community-Based Agencies to Support Victims of Domestic Violence

Victim and offender are not mutually exclusive. According to official sources, a substantial number of women in prison, jail or on probation supervision reported experiencing physical or sexual abuse prior to their sentence. Because of this, community corrections agencies and professionals are...


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Red Flags: Identifying Victims of IPV under Supervision

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is one of the most prevalent forms of violence in the United States. IPV, also known as domestic or dating violence, cuts across all boundaries of gender, race, age, social class, sexual orientation, and ability, impacting the lives of millions of individuals...


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Going Beyond Compliance Monitoring of Drug/Alcohol-Involved Tribal Probationers

This guidance document provides tribal probation personnel with information on working more effectively with drug/alcohol involved tribal members placed on community supervision. It details the important difference between compliance and behavior change and moving beyond just monitoring of court...


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Prison Reentry: A Tribal Model Managing High Risk Offenders and Offender Reentry

Muscogee (Creek) Nation Reintegration Program believes every citizen; even an ex-prisoner is important and capable of change. Launching in 2005, the program began with minimal staff yet provided services towards a better life for ex-prisoners. By 2015, the program had grown significantly and...

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Addressing Responsivity Issues for American Indian/Alaska Native Individuals on Community Supervision

The responsivity principle suggests that an individuals’ characteristics affect how they respond to treatment and interventions. Characteristics such as learning style, personality, culture, gender, education level, etc. should play an important part in choosing which services and interventions...

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Preparing for a Study of Probation Parole Officers Workloads in Iowa

This webinar highlights the plan to begin assessing probation and parole officer workloads in Iowa and the main data the study will look to pursue. What should CBC staff do? What should they do more or less of? And where should agency resources be redeployed or increased? #workloadallocation ...

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Iowa CBC Staff Workload Study Participant Instructions

This webinar introduces to participants how to document and access the data collection service used to collect data related to the CBC staff workload study. This webinar teaches participants how to navigate the website and data base to input data related to the study. #workloadallocation ...

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Iowa CBC Workload Study - Preliminary Findings

The goal of this webinar is to discuss the preliminary findings of the Iowa workload study. This webinar looks to explore the preliminary findings surrounding resource allocation and budget justification. #workloadallocation #research/evaluation #probation #parole #casemanagement/planning

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Gang Awareness and Assessment in Rural Communities: Implications for Community Corrections

This webinar provides participants with information on identifying substantive gang problems, distinguishing between urban and rural/small town gangs, the benefits of including gang membership in risk assessment, and strategies (e.g., OJJDP’s Comprehensive Gang Model, APPA’s C.A.R.E. Model) for...