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Perspectives 2019 - V43 N3 - Full Issue

The First Step Act of 2018 made wholesale changes to the federal sentencing and correctional system. This is the first law of its kind geared towards reforming the Federal Bureau of Prison. Our latest issue provides a balanced assessment of the First Step Act, reviewing both its strengths and...

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Perspectives 2012 Spotlight

Voice of the Victim: A Perspectives Spotlight Issue #victimsissues #domesticviolence #juvenilejustice #parole #probation #reentry #collections

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Enhancing Restitution Collection and Management

This webinar highlights the innovative and award-winning Restitution Court Program in Maricopa County, Arizona, and presenters offer policy and practice ideas to enhance restitution and enforcement in community corrections programs. #collections #judicialsystem #programming ...


Compensation to victims or communities by the probationer or parolee to offset or mitigate the loss or damage that has occurred as the result of the crime. #collections