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Member Spotlight: Jason M.

Jason began his career with the Michigan Department of Corrections in 2010. Since then, Jason has involved himself in numerous opportunities to expand his growth, influence, and knowledge. For example, he has voluntarily supervised sex offender, veteran, and drug court caseloads. He also...

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Going Beyond Compliance Monitoring of Drug/Alcohol-Involved Tribal Probationers

This guidance document provides tribal probation personnel with information on working more effectively with drug/alcohol involved tribal members placed on community supervision. It details the important difference between compliance and behavior change and moving beyond just monitoring of court...


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Member Spotlight: Rita G.

I have over 25 years of professional experience in working with offenders, with an eighteen-year career base established with the Bexar County Community Supervision Department. I have been in a managerial position for the past ten years and oversee court services for the Domestic Violence Unit...

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Opioid Abuse and Evidence-Based Treatment

If addiction is a disease, what kind of disease is it? In the past decades, the perception of addiction has shifted from moral failure to brain disorder. Treatment, rather than coercion, is now seen as the best and only means to get addicts sober. Law enforcement has bought into this model,...

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Reentry ROI

Submitted by Coeur D'Alene Tribe #reentry #programming #controlledsubstances

Reentry ROI.pdf

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Substance Abuse Disorder in Community Corrections

It's important that our dawning understanding of bandwidth does not leave us with a toothless system-- community supervision can't be a mere suggestion. How can the supervisor effectively monitor and enforce conditions without taxing the bandwidth? #controlledsubstances #treatment ...

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Treatment Mandates, Diversion Programs, and Drug Courts

For many community corrections clients, the mandate to desist substance abuse is the first step on the way to recovery. The community corrections system plays a vital role in forcing clients to stop using and get help. But those two elements, desistance and treatment, require different...

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The Marijuana Experiment - Colorado Probation after Legalization

On January 1, 2014, Colorado was the first state to experience the sale of recreational marijuana. In the following year, the Colorado legislature voted to allow probationers to use medical marijuana, under certain circumstances. These new laws have caught the attention of corrections...

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Member Spotlight: The Change Companies

For over 30 years, The Change Companies® has delivered cutting-edge behavior change resources to over 30 million individuals in justice services, faith-based programs, substance use treatment, impaired driving, healthcare, mental health and prevention education. We are the developers of the...