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When the Offender is the Victim: Community Corrections Strategies for Supervising those Victimized by Domestic Violence

Victim and offender are not mutually exclusive. According to official sources, a substantial number of women in prison, jail or on probation supervision reported experiencing physical or sexual abuse prior to their sentence. Because of this, community corrections agencies and professionals are...

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Member Spotlight: Rita G.

I have over 25 years of professional experience in working with offenders, with an eighteen-year career base established with the Bexar County Community Supervision Department. I have been in a managerial position for the past ten years and oversee court services for the Domestic Violence Unit...

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Identifying Power and Control Worksheet

Created by James E. Henderson Jr. a probation officer of the 15th District Court in Ann Arbor MI #supervisionstrategies #criminogenicrisk/needs #domesticviolence

Identifying Power and Control Worksheet.pdf

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Identifying Future Risk Worksheet

Created by Probation Officer James E. Henderson Jr. of the 15th District Court in Ann Arbor MI #supervisionstrategies #criminogenicrisk/needs #domesticviolence #tribalissues

Identifying Future Risk Worksheet.pdf

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Recommendations for Tribal Probation when Supervising Domestic Violence Offenders

This publication is designed to serve as a quick reference guide to community corrections staff in native communities regarding their supervision of domestic violence offenders. This guide is based on the Community Corrections’ Response to Domestic Violence: Guidelines for Practice, published by...


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Working with Tribal Victims

This webinar explores how tribal community corrections officers can communicate effectively with victims and survivors. The webinar explains the impact of trauma on victims of crime and its implications for our communications with them, differentiate between things that should and should not be...

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Impact of TLOA and VAWA

This webinar examines the impact of TLOA and VAWA across several subjects. The webinar explores the impact of TLOA and VAWA on defendants’ rights in tribal courts, impact on sentencing in tribal courts, impact on definitions of crimes under tribal law, what constitutes a felony, and the impact...

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Maneuvering the Jurisdictional Maze When Planning for Reentry in Tribal Jurisdictions

There are 565 federally recognized tribes that must navigate a jurisdictional maze at many different justice system levels when trying to plan for home reentry for tribal members who have been incarcerated. Unique challenges for tribes exist in several areas, including considerable shortcomings...

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The Role of Community Corrections in Serving Victims

The goals of this webinar are to provide the impact of crime on victims to community corrections officers, list the most common rights of victims as recognized by state and federal regulation, and identify community corrections’ role in the implementation of victims’ rights. #victimsissues ...