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Member Spotlight: Michael C.

Michael C. has devoted his professional career to the field of adult probation, and his work has made Maricopa County, AZ, safer. Michael began as a Probation Officer in Maricopa County in 1999. In the next two decades, his hard work led to recognition and promotion until he arrived at his...

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Member Spotlight: Kim K.

Kim Kras is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at San Diego State University. She earned her Ph.D. in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Missouri-St. Louis in 2014, following a career as a probation officer with the Missouri Department of...

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Evidence-Based Practices of Community Supervision Part 2, What Works in Parole Supervision

The second part of this two-part webinar series, held December 13, 2011, highlights what works in the parole supervision process. Presenters focus specifically on reentry from prison to the community. They explain how paroling authorities can incorporate the use of EBPs into their reentry...

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Using Family Mapping Tools to Enhance Outcomes for Tribal Members Under Community Supervision

The role that families play in the lives of tribal members on community supervision—both positive and negative—is important to understand. This fact sheet provides an overview of two mapping tools—genograms and ecomaps—that help people visualize the strengths and resources within families and...


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Engaging Families in Community Supervision Practices: An Evidence-Based Approach to Public Safety

This webinar recording provides community supervision officers an overview of the core components of the Family Support Approach for Community Corrections and tips for how to incorporate the Approach into their supervision practices. Specifically, this broadcast helps supervision officers...

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Promising Practices in Providing Pretrial Services Functions Within Probation Agencies

As counties face significant budget crises, which are projected to last for years, jurisdictions are looking for ways to retain or implement evidence-based practices in a way that provides the most efficient use of criminal justice resources without sacrificing public safety. Housing pretrial...


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Offender Supervision with Electronic Technology: A User’s Guide

Are you thinking of adding an electronic monitoring component? Have you considered the potential unintended consequences? Have workload needs been thought out? Have liability and constitutional issues been addressed? What about fees? Will electronic monitoring reduce or increase operating costs?...


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National Youth Court Guidelines

By Tracy M. Godwin, Michelle E. Heward, and Tom Spina, Jr. (Published in 2000;146 pages) Developed by the American Probation and Parole Association/Council of State Government, which administered the National Youth Court Center, the National Youth Court Guidelines are designed to give youth...