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Gang Awareness and Assessment in Rural Communities: Implications for Community Corrections

This webinar provides participants with information on identifying substantive gang problems, distinguishing between urban and rural/small town gangs, the benefits of including gang membership in risk assessment, and strategies (e.g., OJJDP’s Comprehensive Gang Model, APPA’s C.A.R.E. Model) for...

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What is the Native Difference? Probation Supervision of Gang Affected Native American Youth

This webinar informs probation officers that supervise gang affected Native American youth about the unique aspect of this particular client. Gangs are a relatively new occurrence on Indian lands but the problem is growing quickly and is creating a significant impact on community safety and a...

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Supervising Gang Members in Rural Communities

Community corrections professionals who work in rural areas are increasingly likely to encounter gang members among the offenders they supervise. This training provides an overview of the scope of America’s gang problem and discusses the growth, influence and migration of gangs to rural parts of...

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Sex Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

These training brochures explore both victimization and the criminal act of sexually exploiting another person for profit. With proper training, Probation, Parole and Pretrial Officers can begin to identify victims and help them receive the services they need to exit the life of prostitution....

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Practical Action Tips on Officer Safety for Tribal Probation Personnel

The community supervision of court-involved individuals in Indian Country provides many challenges. One challenge officer’s face is a lack of access to the necessary equipment to remain safe both in the office and in the field. However, it is not just ballistic vests, electronic control devises,...


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National Youth Court Guidelines

By Tracy M. Godwin, Michelle E. Heward, and Tom Spina, Jr. (Published in 2000;146 pages) Developed by the American Probation and Parole Association/Council of State Government, which administered the National Youth Court Center, the National Youth Court Guidelines are designed to give youth...

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APPA’s C.A.R.E. Model: A Framework for Collaboration, Analysis, Reentry, and Evaluation: A Response to Street Gang Violence

The C.A.R.E. report, funded by a Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) award from the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), provides guidance to agencies on forming, participating, and prospering within a multi-agency collaboration. Though primarily targeted at anti-gang strategies, the fundamentals of...