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Member Spotlight: Tim H.

In July 2019, Tim was elected to serve as the president of the Board of Directors of the American Probation and Parole Association (APPA) . He was sworn into office in August 2019 and his volunteer service to the association, in that capacity, will extend through August 2021. During his highly...

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Member Spotlight: Leonor S.

A community member highlighted this contest for me and shared that, “Leonor is a positive source of energy and a resource who understands our young people’s needs and to effectively align resources. She understands family dynamics and community and has always been willing to fill in wherever...

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The Marijuana Experiment - Colorado Probation after Legalization

On January 1, 2014, Colorado was the first state to experience the sale of recreational marijuana. In the following year, the Colorado legislature voted to allow probationers to use medical marijuana, under certain circumstances. These new laws have caught the attention of corrections...

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Adolescent Brain Development: Research Implications for Community Corrections

This webinar recording was presented by Charlene Rhyne, PhD., Abbey Stamp, LCSW, Barbara Fletcher and Izzy Lefebvre on the subject of Adolescent Brain Development and Research Implications for Community Corrections. Brought to you by the APPA Research Committee. Download CONTACT HOURS...

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Youth Questionnaire

Submitted by Thomas Grisso, Richard Barnam, Richard Famularo, and Robert Kinscherff #supervisionstrategies #juvenilejustice #tribalissues

Youth Questionnaire.pdf

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Juvenile Consent Form

Submitted by Reintegration Program - Muscogee (Creek) Nation #juvenilejustice #tribalissues

Juvenile Consent Form.pdf