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Member Spotlight: Leonor S.

A community member highlighted this contest for me and shared that, “Leonor is a positive source of energy and a resource who understands our young people’s needs and to effectively align resources. She understands family dynamics and community and has always been willing to fill in wherever...

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Youth Questionnaire

Submitted by Thomas Grisso, Richard Barnam, Richard Famularo, and Robert Kinscherff #supervisionstrategies #juvenilejustice #tribalissues

Youth Questionnaire.pdf

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Juvenile Services Intake

Submitted by Omaha Nation Juvenile Services #supervisionstrategies #juvenilejustice

Juvenile Services Intake.pdf

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Juvenile Consent Form

Submitted by Reintegration Program - Muscogee (Creek) Nation #juvenilejustice #tribalissues

Juvenile Consent Form.pdf

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Juvenile Assessment and Release

Submitted by Reintegration Program - Muscogee (Creek) Nation #supervisionstrategies #juvenilejustice #criminogenicrisk/needs

Juvenile Assessment and Release.pdf

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Conditions of Supervision Juvenile

Submitted by the Southern Ute Indian Tribal Court #supervisionstrategies #juvenilejustice #tribalissues

Conditions of Supervision Juvenile.pdf

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Conditions of Juvenile Probation

Submitted by the Klamath Tribes Judiciary #supervisionstrategies #juvenilejustice #tribalissues

Conditions of Juvenile Probation.pdf