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Member Spotlight: The Change Companies

For over 30 years, The Change Companies® has delivered cutting-edge behavior change resources to over 30 million individuals in justice services, faith-based programs, substance use treatment, impaired driving, healthcare, mental health and prevention education. We are the developers of the...

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Practical Action Tips on Officer Safety for Tribal Probation Personnel

The community supervision of court-involved individuals in Indian Country provides many challenges. One challenge officer’s face is a lack of access to the necessary equipment to remain safe both in the office and in the field. However, it is not just ballistic vests, electronic control devises,...


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Dispelling the Myths about Justice-Health Information Sharing

This brief dispels the myths of federal regulations such as HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2 in terms of information sharing and demonstrates the palatable potential of justice-health exchanges by referencing the many tools available from the Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative (a.k.a., GLOBAL)...


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Corrections and Reentry: Protected Health Information Privacy Framework for Information Sharing

PHI Framework Guide was developed by the Institute for Intergovernmental Research with funding support from the American Probation and Parole Association (APPA) and the Association of State Correctional Administrators (ASCA) under cooperative agreements by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA),...


cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

A problem-focused approach designed to help people identify and change the dysfunctional beliefs, thoughts, and patterns of behavior that contribute to their problems. #mentalhealth #treatment