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Member Spotlight: Holly D.

Holly joined the Orange County Corrections Department in Florida just six months ago to serve as Community Corrections and Inmate Program Assistant Manager. Prior to her new position, Holly was a leader within the Arizona Department of Corrections for almost 13 years. “I really enjoy what I’m...

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Employment Issues and Reentry in Tribal Communities

This webinar discusses the many difficulties when seeking employment. Expanding on long gaps of work history, stigma of a criminal record, unstable housing, low literacy, lack of identification on or other documents, substance abuse, and conditional release conditions. The webinar was also...

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Member Spotlight: Chef Jeff

Jeff Henderson is one of America's leading reentry experts who serves as the Founder and Chief Motivation Officer at Felon University. He served nearly a decade in federal prison on drug conspiracy charges and was released over 20 years ago. Today he is an awarding winning chef, television...

employment readiness and work programs

Offer job skills training, apprenticeships, on-the-job training, and employment placement activities, which are used to increase an individual’s employability and capacity to meet his or her financial obligations. #professionaldevelopment #offenderemployment