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Member Spotlight: Joe R.

As Program Manager for the University of Denver’s National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center , Joe Russo has pursued community corrections research for more than two decades. Today, he is responsible for maintaining up-to-date knowledge of innovations in probation and parole...

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Criminal Justice Office Hours interviews Veronica Cunningham

Veronica Cunningham, the Executive Director of the American Probation and Parole Association (APPA), joins the Criminal Justice Office Hours podcast to talk about community corrections and the resources APPA provides. Dec 9, 2018 Copyright: University of Cincinnati, School of Criminal...

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Perspectives 2015 Fall

At your fingertips, you will find 80 pages of information regarding an issue that is of utmost importance in our field today. Many individuals under community supervision have specific health and behavioral health care needs and the establishment of the Affordable Care Act is of great assistance...

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Preparing for a Study of Probation Parole Officers Workloads in Iowa

This webinar highlights the plan to begin assessing probation and parole officer workloads in Iowa and the main data the study will look to pursue. What should CBC staff do? What should they do more or less of? And where should agency resources be redeployed or increased? #workloadallocation ...

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Iowa CBC Staff Workload Study Participant Instructions

This webinar introduces to participants how to document and access the data collection service used to collect data related to the CBC staff workload study. This webinar teaches participants how to navigate the website and data base to input data related to the study. #workloadallocation ...

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Iowa CBC Workload Study - Preliminary Findings

The goal of this webinar is to discuss the preliminary findings of the Iowa workload study. This webinar looks to explore the preliminary findings surrounding resource allocation and budget justification. #workloadallocation #research/evaluation #probation #parole #casemanagement/planning

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National Reentry Resource Center: Neighborhood Based Supervision A Review of Promising Practices

The practice of neighborhood-based supervision allows parole officers to interact closely with parolees within their social environment, as well as with community organizations and residents, providing them with insight into the parolees' susceptibility to negative influences in the neighborhood...

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Use of Incentives and Sanctions to Promote Compliance with Supervision Conditions during Reentry

This webinar focuses on the use of incentives and sanctions with individuals under community supervision, particularly those returning to their communities from prison. It includes an overview of current practices, policy, and research that promote compliance among individuals under community...