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Member Spotlight: Rita G.

I have over 25 years of professional experience in working with offenders, with an eighteen-year career base established with the Bexar County Community Supervision Department. I have been in a managerial position for the past ten years and oversee court services for the Domestic Violence Unit...

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Criminal Justice Office Hours interviews Veronica Cunningham

Veronica Cunningham, the Executive Director of the American Probation and Parole Association (APPA), joins the Criminal Justice Office Hours podcast to talk about community corrections and the resources APPA provides. Dec 9, 2018 Copyright: University of Cincinnati, School of Criminal...

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Is it Reasonable A Legal Review of Warrantless Searches of Probationers and Parolees

The learning objectives of this webinar are to define police-probation partnerships, outline applicable federal case law, outline applicable state/local case law, and summarize the impactions of case law on practice. #legalissues #professionaldevelopment #probation #parole ...

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The ICAOS Offender Transfer Notification Service (OTNS)

The Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision (ICAOS) represents the sole authority for regulating the transfer of adult probation and parole offenders across states. With the Interstate Compact Offender Tracking System (ICOTS), ICAOS provides information on over 123,000 active and...

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The Role of Community Corrections in Serving Victims

The goals of this webinar are to provide the impact of crime on victims to community corrections officers, list the most common rights of victims as recognized by state and federal regulation, and identify community corrections’ role in the implementation of victims’ rights. #victimsissues ...

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Supervising Gang Members in Rural Communities

Community corrections professionals who work in rural areas are increasingly likely to encounter gang members among the offenders they supervise. This training provides an overview of the scope of America’s gang problem and discusses the growth, influence and migration of gangs to rural parts of...

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Working with Female DWI/DUI Justice-Involved Individuals: A Supervision Guide

This Guide highlights some of the available research regarding female-responsive practices and strategies that can help bring about pro-social changes in women who are placed on community supervision for Driving While Intoxicated/Driving Under the Influence (DWI/DUI). It was developed to help...


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Underage Drinking: Intervention Principles and Practice Guidelines for Community Corrections

The community corrections field, specifically probation and diversion, performs an important role in the EUDL program in both prevention and intervention when dealing with underage drinking offenders. Community corrections professionals can work closely with judges, attorneys, and other justice...


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Tribal Probation: An Overview for Tribal Court Judges

There is great variation among tribes in terms of the amount of discretion that tribal court judges have when imposing sentences and sentencing conditions. The use of probation in tribal jurisdictions is a growing trend, as the community supervision of offenders has become a desirable...


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A Tribal Probation Officer’s Guide to Working with Victims

The work of tribal probation officers (TPOs) is essential in promoting individual and community safety. Victims and survivors are members of the tribal community whose lives are often irrevocably harmed and changed by crime. While victims are not the primary client for TPOs, they are in a unique...