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Reentry ROI

Submitted by Coeur D'Alene Tribe #reentry #programming #controlledsubstances

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Reentry Referral Form

Submitted by Coeur D'Alene Tribe #reentry #supervisionstrategies #tribalissues

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Reentry Team

Submitted by Coeur D'Alene Tribe #reentry #programming #treatment #tribalissues

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Enacting Code Provisions to Satisfy the ESA Provisions of TLOA

This webinar will help assess your community readiness to exercise enhanced sentencing under the Tribal Law and Order Act. It will also help examine what substantive crimes may be subject to ESA under TLOA and look at some Tribal examples. Examine what other provisions must be in the tribal code...

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Enhanced Sentencing Under the Tribal Law and Order Act

This webinar will examine the Enhanced Sentencing Under TLOA, examine the current state of tribal country under ESA, provide an overview of the curriculum being developed by APPA and TJI with tribal input and to generate interest in an inter-tribal working group on ESA similar to the VAWA group....

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Employment Issues and Reentry in Tribal Communities

This webinar discusses the many difficulties when seeking employment. Expanding on long gaps of work history, stigma of a criminal record, unstable housing, low literacy, lack of identification on or other documents, substance abuse, and conditional release conditions. The webinar was also...