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Member Spotlight: Ayesha W

Ayesha W. is a Deputy Probation Officer with the Solano County Probation Department in California. She has been with the Probation Department for over 20 years and is currently assigned to an adult supervision caseload. Ayesha has proven many times over to be the epitome of excellence in...

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Going Beyond Compliance Monitoring of Drug/Alcohol-Involved Tribal Probationers

This guidance document provides tribal probation personnel with information on working more effectively with drug/alcohol involved tribal members placed on community supervision. It details the important difference between compliance and behavior change and moving beyond just monitoring of court...


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Reentry Referral Form

Submitted by Coeur D'Alene Tribe #reentry #supervisionstrategies #tribalissues

Reentry Referral Form.pdf

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Youth Questionnaire

Submitted by Thomas Grisso, Richard Barnam, Richard Famularo, and Robert Kinscherff #supervisionstrategies #juvenilejustice #tribalissues

Youth Questionnaire.pdf

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Waiver of Consent Form

Submitted by Klamath Tribal Courts #supervisionstrategies

Waiver of Consent Form.pdf

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Use of Force Reporting Form

Submitted by Snoqualmie Tribe Security Department #supervisionstrategies #useofforce #tribalissues

Use of Force Reporting Form.pdf