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Perspectives 2020 - V44 N2 - Full Issue

We know that working with individuals diagnosed with mental health conditions presents unique challenges, especially for those who are justice-involved. The prevalence and unique needs of the justice-involved mental health population make it an essential topic for discussion. Our newest issue of...

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Collaborating with Community-Based Agencies to Support Victims of Domestic Violence

Victim and offender are not mutually exclusive. According to official sources, a substantial number of women in prison, jail or on probation supervision reported experiencing physical or sexual abuse prior to their sentence. Because of this, community corrections agencies and professionals are...


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Opioid Abuse and Evidence-Based Treatment

If addiction is a disease, what kind of disease is it? In the past decades, the perception of addiction has shifted from moral failure to brain disorder. Treatment, rather than coercion, is now seen as the best and only means to get addicts sober. Law enforcement has bought into this model,...

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Reentry Team

Submitted by Coeur D'Alene Tribe #reentry #programming #treatment #tribalissues

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Substance Abuse Disorder in Community Corrections

It's important that our dawning understanding of bandwidth does not leave us with a toothless system-- community supervision can't be a mere suggestion. How can the supervisor effectively monitor and enforce conditions without taxing the bandwidth? Download CONTACT HOURS CERTIFICATE for this...

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New Approach to the Supervision of Domestic Violence Offenders-The Development and Implementation of the DVRNA Tool

The DVRNA is a risk assessment tool using both static and dynamic factors to measure risk/needs of convicted DV offenders. This tool was developed as part of an evaluation process to help with offender placement in a differentiated treatment model based in Risk-Needs-Responsivity principals. The...

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Treatment Mandates, Diversion Programs, and Drug Courts

For many community corrections clients, the mandate to desist substance abuse is the first step on the way to recovery. The community corrections system plays a vital role in forcing clients to stop using and get help. But those two elements, desistance and treatment, require different...

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Adolescent Brain Development: Research Implications for Community Corrections

This webinar recording was presented by Charlene Rhyne, PhD., Abbey Stamp, LCSW, Barbara Fletcher and Izzy Lefebvre on the subject of Adolescent Brain Development and Research Implications for Community Corrections. Brought to you by the APPA Research Committee. Download CONTACT HOURS...