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Enacting Code Provisions to Satisfy the ESA Provisions of TLOA

This webinar will help assess your community readiness to exercise enhanced sentencing under the Tribal Law and Order Act. It will also help examine what substantive crimes may be subject to ESA under TLOA and look at some Tribal examples. Examine what other provisions must be in the tribal code...

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Enhanced Sentencing Under the Tribal Law and Order Act

This webinar will examine the Enhanced Sentencing Under TLOA, examine the current state of tribal country under ESA, provide an overview of the curriculum being developed by APPA and TJI with tribal input and to generate interest in an inter-tribal working group on ESA similar to the VAWA group....

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Employment Issues and Reentry in Tribal Communities

This webinar discusses the many difficulties when seeking employment. Expanding on long gaps of work history, stigma of a criminal record, unstable housing, low literacy, lack of identification on or other documents, substance abuse, and conditional release conditions. The webinar was also...

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Supervision of Reentrants into Tribal Communities

This webinar will discuss the unique issues involved in supervising native persons who return to tribal communities from state and federal correctional facilities. It will also discuss some of the promising practices used by Tribes to incorporate cross-jurisdictional agreements and cultural...

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Accessing Resources for Reentry Programs in Tribal Communities

This webinar will discuss the various resources that Tribes can access to provide reentry services in Tribal Communities including state, federal and tribal resources. It will also discuss collaborative approaches between state, county, and tribal probation and parole departments to leverage...

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Sex Offenders and Reentry into Tribal Communities

Title I of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006, the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA), created the first opportunity for federally recognized Indian tribes to be included in a nationwide sex offender registration and notification system. The presenters...

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Tribal Law and Order Act: Enhanced Sentencing Authority: Tribal Code Development Considerations & Quick Reference Overview & Checklist

This publication provides background information on how the Tribal Law & Order Act of 2010 amended the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1978 as well as a quick-reference checklist to aide jurisdictions as they initiate discussions around or begin planning for implementation of this new authority....


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Recommendations for Tribal Probation when Supervising Domestic Violence Offenders

This publication is designed to serve as a quick reference guide to community corrections staff in native communities regarding their supervision of domestic violence offenders. This guide is based on the Community Corrections’ Response to Domestic Violence: Guidelines for Practice, published by...


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Working with Tribal Victims

This webinar explores how tribal community corrections officers can communicate effectively with victims and survivors. The webinar explains the impact of trauma on victims of crime and its implications for our communications with them, differentiate between things that should and should not be...

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Impact of TLOA and VAWA

This webinar examines the impact of TLOA and VAWA across several subjects. The webinar explores the impact of TLOA and VAWA on defendants’ rights in tribal courts, impact on sentencing in tribal courts, impact on definitions of crimes under tribal law, what constitutes a felony, and the impact...